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Hints of a new Facebook fan descriptor

As the new Facebook timeline rolls out, today many users are finding that they have the option to both prepare their pages by viewing the page in the single column format as well as convert the page to the new format. Note that pages will automatically convert themselves over to the new format on June the 13th. However there seems to be a hint of a new feature.

When viewing the people connected to the page there seems to be two new descriptors; Valuable and Irrelevant – for me they are both empty.

Facebook fans

To view this, looking at your page, on the “this week” navigation bar on the right, click “page like” then select “see all”

Is Facebook planning on indicating to us which fans interact with us more often and are therefore more “valuable” to us?

How do they define an “irrelevant” fan, it is a very strong word to use as even lurkers are valuable to a brand?

Let me know of your thoughts below:

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